How does a person get into the shelter?

GNA staff needs to talk the person directly.  They can call or stop in during office hours.   We must do a telephone assessment because we need to get and give information to the potential guest.

Often times someone is trying to help someone that does not want to come into the shelter.  Give them the basics-shelter is based on availability, they must be able to take care of all personal needs (such as bathing and all hygiene needs)  and they can’t be under the influence.  We can’t accept pets of any kind.  We have limited space therefore they can’t bring lots of stuff with them.

Dinner is served at 6PM daily.  They must vacate the shelter by 7:30 am daily.


Do you take clothing donations?  Do you take furniture donations?  

Not at this time.  We have a storage issue therefore we recommend that you take your things to St. Vincent di Paul Society.  They issue vouchers to our guests so they can get what they need.  This is a valuable service to our guests.  Thank them for thinking of us.

Do you take food donations?

Yes, we can accept non perishables and canned food.  We can’t accept open containers or out dated/expired food.  We can accept foods that have been in proper storage.

What are your greatest needs for the shelter?

Monetary donations to keep the shelter doors open and programs viable for the delivery of our mission of helping our homeless neighbors.  We serve men, women and families with children who may be experiencing temporary episodes or the chronically homeless.   Offer caller to schedule a tour of the GNA facility, with the executive director.  If I am not available take their name and number.

What does Good Neighbor Alliance do?

We are an emergency homeless shelter serving men, women and families with children.

 Do you help with rental assistance?  Do you help with utility assistance?

On a limited basis.  Please call the shelter office at 439-0776 for further information.

How do I go about volunteering? 

You need to complete a Volunteer Form which can be gotten from our website, you can pick one up or we can mail it to you.  Thank them for considering GNA.





Good Neighbor Alliance
420 N. 7th Street,
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
(520) 439-0776